12th and Final robots@home Meeting, Vienna at TUW, 20-28 May 2010
Integration meeting and Final Review (28.5.) in Vienna a rented apartment.

robots@home Integration Meeting Wien (Austria), 12-16 April 2010
Integration meeting in Vienna in another apartment.


11th robots@home Meeting, Vienna (Austria) at TUW, 15-19 February 2010
Preparation of final deliverables and integration for final review


10th robots@home Meeting, Sinsheim (Germany) at OB, 22-23 September 2009
Discussion of timeline and integration up to the project end; Demonstration of the OB robots@home platform and application module.

9th robots@home Meeting, Lausanne (Switzerland) at NESP, June 2009
All partners participated; for the review meeting on June 12 the two reviewers and the officer participated.

8th robots@home Meeting, Vienna (Austria) at ARC, 10-12 February 2009
All partners participated.

7th robots@home Meeting, Nice (France), 26-27 September 2008
Adjacent to IROS 2008: specific meeting for the scientific coordination, partners participating have been TUW, NESP, ARC, ETHZ.

6th robots@home Meeting, Lausanne (Switzerland) at BLUE, 9-10 September 2008
Special user interface meeting, all partners related to user interface issues participated: BLUE, NESP, LEGR, OB, TUW. Main decisions on how to proceed with the Ratava at OB and the linking of the BLUE platform to the LEGR domotic environment, and detailing the NESP work.

TU-Forschung meets Public
"Um der Öffentlichkeit die hervorragenden Forschungsleistungen der TU Wien zu präsentieren, gibt es verschiedene Möglichkeiten. Zwei gute Gelegenheiten nutzen die TU-WissenschafterInnen beim Wiener Forschungsfest 2008 (11.-12.10.) und Vienna-Tec (7.-10.10.)"

German Workshop on Robotics 2009 (GWR2009), June 9-10, Braunschweig, Germany

ACIN is presenting the Full-day Workshop "Workshop on Home Robotics (WHR 2008)" at IROS 2008, September, 22-26, 2008, Nice, France.

ACIN is presenting the Workshop "Workshop on 'Vision in Action: Efficient strategies for cognitive agents in complex environments'" at "The 10th European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV 2008) ", October 12-18, 2008, Marseille, France

RoboCup 2009,Graz, 29.June - 7.July 2009
robsens researcher Sven Olufs will be Local Chair for the RoboCup@home League
at RoboCup 2009 in Graz, Austria.

5th robots@home Meeting, Lausanne (Switzerland) at BLUE, 17-19 June 2008
All partners participated; for the review meeting on June 18 the two reviewers and the officer participated


4th robots@home Meeting, Limoges (Legrand), 18. - 20. February 2008


3rd robots@home Meeting, Zurich (ETHZ), 12. -13. November 2007


robots@home at IKEA, 01. August 2007
In the course of the robots@home EU project together with ETH Zürich, ACIN will try to run a mobile robot through the show rooms of IKEA. IKEA Wien Nord will provide their newly renovated small apartments to enable the scientists of ACIN and ETH to test different sensors (cameras, stereo vision, depth cameras, laser range sensors) to see how difficult it is to cope with a very large variety of tables, chairs, cabinets and other furniture.

2nd robots@home Meeting, Lausanne (NESP), 17. -18. July 2007

robots@home Kickoff Meeting, Vienna (TUW), 14. -16. May 2007