"Coffee by James at the Vienna University of Technology"

World's longest food chain

"James" beim Wiener Forschungsfest
Robo-butler "James" is represented at the Vienna research-festival on 18. and 19. September 2010
download site plan here

Die Presse Forschung Magazin: Sehen wie ein Mensch, nur ohne Körper (08/2010)
In the article "Sehen wie ein Mensch, nur ohne Körper" Die Presse Forschung writes about robot-butler "James".
download article (in German) "James hat dazu gelernt: robots@home sind Helden des Alltags"(05/08/2010)
Technologiewerte reports about robot-butler "James". "Within 3 years of intensive research work engineers from the Vienna University of Technology developed their robot "James". download article (in German)

2. Live-Demonstration at IKEA: "James has learned: robots@home are heroes of everyday life"
download Pressespiegel Online-Medien (in German)
download Pressespiegel Print-Medien (in German) "Wiener Robo-Butler "James" erledigt schon Botendienste"(05/08/2010) reports about robot-butler "James". "James" has learned after three years of development to do small courier services. download article (in German)

ORF: "Robo-Butler "James" soll im Haushalt helfen" (05/08/2010)
In the article "Robo-Butler "James" soll im Haushalt helfen" ORF writes about "James". Robot-butler "James" has learned after three years of development to do small courier services download article (in German)

"Robo-Butler "James" der TU Wien macht Fortschritte"
The APA-Zukunft Wissen newsletter reports about the robot-butler "James". download article (in German)

"Roboter James Live Demo @ IKEA"

robots@home as part of TU Austria Video for EXPO 2010
The idea of calling your robot to bring you something is presented shortly in this overview of research topics at the Austria Universities of Technology. This video is shown at the EXPO 2010 in Shanghai..

There are some r@h results shown in the film "Ingenious Partners" between 2:57 and 3:03 on youtube.
Watch the video in german on youtube here.

Vision 2009
There are some pictures of the Vision 2009 on our webserver.
Find the .zip file here.

Lange Nacht der Forschung
There is a video with a r@h demo at the "Lange Nacht der Forschung" on youtube. Watch the video in german on youtube here.
or download it from our webserver here.
Additionally find some pictures of this event here.

Der Standard (23/12/2009)
In its article "Eine Maschine mit Schlafzimmerblick" Der Standard writes about the work of robots@home and AIT.
Read the german article here.

Wirtschaftsblatt (01/10/2009)
In its article "Universität arbeitet am Roboter für zuhause" the economic journal "Wirtschaftsblatt" writes about the work of robots@home. Read the german article here.

Link: Wirtschaftsblatt (no picture)

Advanced algorithms gave € 20 000 in prize money"(09/09/2009)
The Robotdalen Scientific Award is an annual award that goes to young scientists in the field of robotics. On September 9, Davide Scaramuzza was announced the winner of the Robotdalen Scientific Award 2009. Davide Scaramuzza is a researcher at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Switzerland and received the prize sum of € 20 000 for his competition contribution - his doctoral thesis on autonomous navigation of vehicles. Read full article (.pdf)

Die Presse: "James, bitte bring mir mein Häferl!"(07/06/2009)
Die Presse writes about V4R's robot James.

Futurezone - "Wachroboter mit Retrocharme"(20/05/2009) Futurezone writes about V4R's RoboCup-Team Meta Mechanics.

Short vision scenes
Some short vision scenes from Smart Systems Stereo Engine (S³E) on Vision 08, Fair, Suttgart, Germany and "Lange Nacht der Forschung 08", ARC, Tech Gate Tower, Vienna, Austria are available here.

"Modul Objekt -und Produktdesign: "Robots at Home"
The „Institut für Kunst und Gestaltung“ designs a new cover for our robot James embedded in a special lecture.

Roboter im Wettstreit für die Wissenschaft
In the article "Roboter im Wettstreit für die Wissenschaft" der Standard writes about Robots in competition for science.

ETH Zurich’s household helper
In the article "ETH Zurich’s household helper" the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich writes about robot James.

Kurier (10/04/2008, page 22)
In the article "Serviert von Roboter James" ("served by robot James") Kurier writes about robot James.
download article (in German)

brand eins - Wirtschaftsmagazin (01/2008)
In the article "Moderne Idioten" ("modern idiots") brand eins writes -among other prestigious robots like Honda's Asimo and Care-O-bot || from Fraunhofer Insitut- about robot James.

TU| (10/2007)
In the article "Roboter als Hausmädchen" ("robot as house maid") TU| writes about robots@home.
download article (in German)

Robot of the Week (10/2007)
James is robot of the week at

Forschen & Entdecken (3/2007, page 24-26)
The Article "Ein Baby namens Archie" (wann), is about recent national and international developments in robotics. Focusing on Austrian research, Forschen & Entdecken writes about robot "James".
download article (in German)

ETH Life article about robots@home (10 September 2007)

TU Vienna press release robots@home (7 August 2007)

Kleine Zeitung online (2 August 2007)
Kleine Zeitung writes about robots@home and offers a video of James driving through the show rooms of IKEA.

download article (in German)

Die Presse, Heute, Österreich, Salzburger Nachrichten (2 August 2007)
4 of Austria's main newspapers give a short report about robots@homes' test run at IKEA Wien Nord.
Die Presse download (in German)
Heute download (in German)
Österreich download (in German)
Salzburger Nachrichten download (in German)

Der Standard (2 August 2007)
On the occasion of robots@homes' test run through the show rooms of IKEA Wien Nord, Der Standard (print version) writes about robots@home and the "auspicious prototype" James.
download article (in German)

Der Standard online (1 August 2007)
Der Standard (online version) was the first to report about robots@home's James test run through the show rooms of IKEA Wien Nord.
download article (in German)

robots@home on ORF (26 July 2007)
On 26th July Sven Olufs and robot James made a visit to ORF2's broadcast "Konkret: Das Servicemagazin"

ORF "Konkret- Das Servicemagazin", Sendung vom 26.07.2007, Gestalter: Marvin Wolf

Vision Nissan Magazine (01/07, page 40-44)
Vision Nissan Magazin's article "Butler mit Batterie" (Vision Nissan Magazin 01/07), describes in detail backgrounds and objectives of robots@home.
download article (in German)

Profil (13 November 2006, 88-89)
Profil's article "Hallo Dienstmann" (13 November 2006), is about recent developments in robotics. Aside from "Stanley" (Stanford University's autonomous robot) and "Kismet" (MIT Boston), Profil also writes about robots@home and robot "James".
download article (in German)